15 Key Highlights Extracted From Governor Alex Otti’s Media Interaction Yesterday | WATCH VIDEO

15 Key Highlights Extracted From Governor Alex Otti’s Media Interaction Yesterday | WATCH VIDEO


Listed below are prominent highlights extracted from the monthly media interaction with Governor Alex Chioma Otti yesterday which was streamed live on all ALL FACTS NEWSPAPER platforms.



  1. Governor Otti revealed that during the executive council meeting that held on Monday 18th March 2023, funds were approved for the remodeling and retrofitting of Schools in Abia State. Schools’ curriculum will also be looked into to match the current model of education in other parts of the world.


  1. The Governor also stated that approvals have been made to clear arrears of pension to pensioners. He promised that pensioners will be hearing from them soon.


  1. The governor assured Civil Servants that their welfare will be looked into. He stated that a committee has been setup to review the welfares issues and report back.


  1. For civil servants who are complaining that they have not received their salaries for months, governor Otti stated that he has instructed the Abia State Accountant General and the Commissioner for Finance to see him so that all these matters will be resolved. The governor assured that funds for salary payment are in the bank and that those who are having payment issues are very few.


  1. The Governor revealed that the Nunyu – Isuikwuato 11 Kilometers Road project has been approved and that it will be flagged off very soon.

  1. Governor Otti also revealed that the Uzo-Abam – Okobo – Arochukwu road has been approved and that flag off ceremony will hold very soon.


  1. The governor posited that they have been informed about the termite attack of the School of Blind Library in Afaraukwu Umuahia and that he has instructed that repairs should take place immediately.

  1. On the flood, the governor revealed that they already have a comprehensive design that will resolve the flood issues in Aba as submitted by CCECC. He stated that the project will take 36 months for completion and it will cost money. The project is yet to be approved.


  1. The governor also revealed that in a bid to reduce the challenge of flood in Aba, they have been cleaning up the drainage system to give way for flow of water. He stated that he believes the flood this time around will be managed because of the efforts they have put in. The governor equally stated that the massive heap of waste in Ariaria is being cleared by ASEPA and that he has approved that more equipment’s should be deployed there to clear the place which will help forestall flood in the market.


  1. The governor stated that bursary has been approved to support Abia State Students in Law Schools all over Nigeria.


  1. On scholarships, the governor stated that the board will start work very soon and anybody including those with disabilities who are qualified to enjoy the scholarship will be given.


  1. Governor Otti revealed that Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and African Development Bank (AFDB) have approved loans for Abia State. While IsDB has approved 145 billion loans, AfDB has approved $125 Million loan, but that they have not accessed the loan. He stated that they will only drawdown the loan when they have projects to Apply it immediately and that anytime the state is financially liquid, they will equally repay it immediately to avoid keeping excess debt for the state.


  1. On food scarcity, the governor stated that they want to make sure that all government land is cultivated. He also revealed that at the moment they are retrieving all government agricultural lands which were given to some individuals. He posited that some people are willingly returning the lands and seeking compensations.


  1. On Ariaria international market, the governor said they received complain from traders who claim that their shops were pulled down at A Line for the construction of the new Market, but that at the moment the shops are being sold to rich people. The governor revealed that he has instructed that the traders be given the first right of refusal and that if they can not pay for the price of the shops, bank should be brought in that will pay for them while they spread the repayment plan.


  1. The governor advised those destroying government properties to desist from it. He warned that a taskforce will be setup and that whoever is caught will appear in court.

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