4 Big Mistakes To Avoid In A Relationship


By Mma Jesus


Know what you want from a relationship, you can’t afford to marry just anyone.

How would you know if you’re marrying the wrong person or the right person if you have no expectations?

But be realistic with your expectations (that’s the balance)


The person you are with should know there are boundaries not to cross.

They should know it’s not okay for them to hit you for example, or talk down on you.

Remember, anything you ACCEPT in courtship, you should be ready to ACCOMODATE in Marriage.

Know when to walk away to avoid “Admin, hide my identity” tomorrow


You have strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, a not so perfect family or past, . You’re Human, it’s allowed.

To pretend to be a Person without any weaknesses is you wanting to display strengths you DO NOT have. You can’t do this forever.

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To lie about your past, or personality (dislikes and likes) just to please your partner is a big mistake, remember, it’s difficult keeping up with lies and falsehood.

If you’re not happy, talk..

If you don’t have, let him/her know.

Don’t start what you can not finish

4) S-EX.

Se-x complicates issues

It can create a mess out of things overnight and makes ending an unhealthy relationship difficult

Se-x exposes you to dangers like unwanted pregnancy, becoming a single parent, paternity fraud, blackmail, infection, guilt, fear, shame, abortion, etc

Ladies especially lose the most once se-x is involved in a Relationship.

Don’t do the do till you say I DO
If others could, you too can avoid these mistakes,

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