5 Simple ways to get the attention of a lady


5 Simple ways to get the attention of a lady


By Mma Love

Yesterday afternoon my friend tagged me to a post made by my fellow lady.
The lady shared a screenshot of her conversation with one man like that.
Obviously, from the conversation, you will see that the man has an interest in her and was trying to toast her but he doesn’t know how to go about it.

All the man kept doing was to greet her. He will greet in the morning, afternoon and evening with nothing else to say.

At some point he began to call her pet names, “Good morning Best”, “Good afternoon Most Beautiful” etc

Oga was practically terrorizing this lady with greetings. Uncle was a Greeter.
Madam got tired and asked the man what he wanted from her.
We’re still on top of the matter.

Just like this man, there are many men out there, especially my Christian brothers, who have a lady that interests them but they don’t know how to go about getting the attention of the lady in question.
If you are that kind of a man or brother, you have that which attracts you to her but to approach her is the problem, I wrote this for you to help you get her attention.

I hope you find this helpful.

This is how to get the attention of the lady you like and will like to date and possibly marry.

1. Make a little research about the lady

If it is online you saw, do a little research about her.
Go through her social media platform, read her posts and the things she shares on her wall.
This will give you a clue about her person, the kind of things she likes and is passionate about, and her interests.

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If you go through my profile, you will observe that I am passionate about relationships, marriage and family issues.
There are people passionate about and write about Education, business, career, family, relationship, fashion, gender equality, women advocacy, women empowerment etc.

So go through her profile and take note of these things.
If the person you are eyeing is offline, you can also research a little about her. Observe her well and you will see something you will use to strike up a conversation.
Her personality, beauty, fashion sense, interests, passions etc., are good areas to strike up a conversation with her.

2. Strike up a conversation

After you have gathered enough information about her, then use what you know about her to strike up a conversation.
Don’t enter her inbox and start greeting her up and down like the brother above or start asking her, “Can I know your name?” “Where are you from” “Where are you chatting from”
You know you are not serious like this.
You can as well ask her about the names of her ancestors and how they’re doing.

Brother be careful!
👉DM her and be polite.
👉Exchange pleasantries
👉Introduce yourself
👉Then, bring up a conversation with her based on what you have gathered about her.
You can ask her a question
You can compliment her on what she is doing
You can encourage her
You can offer to support her in whatever capacity you can, that’s if she needs any support
All these are based on what you noticed on her wall.
For example, if she is an Author of a book.
You can ask her questions about the book.
You can buy one from her and ask her to send it to you on WhatsApp, you don get her number be that, ministry is gradually moving forward.
You can pay for more people and ask her to do a giveaway on her wall. You have won a special place in her heart like this.

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3. Avoid using endearment names

Calling a lady you just meet sweet sweet names like sweetie, sweetheart, angel, baby, my love, or like our brother best and most beautiful is a turn off for many ladies.

Some of you no dey try at all, you look person daughter finish and call her my Angel. If na you, you no go vex block that person?
No be only my angel brother , na angel 90° and acute angels.
Endearment names are for those in a relationship. You’re not in a relationship with her yet. Be responsible brother.
Some even do worse, they send their manhood to the lady.
Excuse me, Sir? Is that an application letter?

4. Keep checking up on her

Don’t state your mission yet
Try making her your friend.
Till and water the ground.
You don’t sow a seed on fallow ground.
Be calming down small small, my friend.

👉Make it a point of duty to communicate with her frequently
👉Chat her up always, call her if she gives her contact, check up on her.
👉Know how she’s doing, how her day is going, what challenges she’s facing and how you can be of help to ease the situation, how her day went even though you are a busy person etc.
👉Crack sensible jokes to make her happy and feel good. Almost every lady likes guys with a sense of humour.
She will be getting the message small small.
Give her enough attention.

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5. State your mission

After you have done these things, after she must have become free with you and after she has started getting the message, you should ask her out.
Nothing is going to happen. Heaven will not fall. She cannot beat nor bite you. Don’t be shy unless you want to remain single.

The highest thing she may do is to accept or decline your request finish.
If she declines your request, don’t give up yet. Some ladies like to do small shakara, some like to play hard to get before they will accept your request.
In all, stop terrorizing ladies in their inbox with your manhood, greetings and endearment names! Be responsible!

Now you know, oya go and talk to that lady before another person will first you and you people will start to drag her.

Did you find this helpful? I will love to hear what you have to say in the comment below.

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