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(VIDEO) Pastor Abel Damina : “Children Are Not God’s Gift, but a Biological Process”

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It Is Not God That Gives Children – Pastor Abel Damina

The founder and president of Power City International and Abel Damina Ministries, Dr Abel Damina, has said that children do not come from God.
In one of his teaching, the man of God revealed that it is the duty of a man and woman to produce children not God.
According to him God has nothing to do with the process of productivity. He said,” it is the man and woman that decides children, that’s why in science, you can block the process of productivity and God will not put it because man has the power to determine whether he wants to have children or not. It shows you that God is not part of all that happens.
He went further to explain that, “so the boy r*pes the girl, the girl is pregnant why because inside the girl, there is a system and inside the man, there is a system. When those systems meet and trigger those systems, those systems have the ability within the system to produce a baby.
The man of God said, the only human being that God produced by himself is Adam, that’s why Adam does not have deformity, to show you that God is not responsible for pregnancy and childbirth and thats why some children come out without eyes, some come out with bent legs, some come out with disease, some come out with jaundice. That cannot be God, he is perfect in all of his ways.


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