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Alert: How Caro White Lotion will destroy you, NAFDAC explains

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Alert: How Caro White Lotion will destroy you,

NAFDAC explains

The National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has alerted Nigerians to the recall of Caro White, an Ivorian skin-lightening beauty lotion, by the European Union Rapid Alerts System for Dangerous Non-food Products (RAPEX) for containing a high concentration of kojic acid.

According to the public notification issued by NAFDAC on May 13, the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (ESCCS) concluded that the product, due to the high concentration of kojic acid, puts users at risk of endocrine disruption from continual usage. The agency also warned commercial agents and consumers to be cautious and avoid importing, selling, distributing or even using the product.

“Although the product is not in the NAFDAC database, importers, distributors, retailers and consumers are advised to exercise caution and vigilance within the supply chain to avoid the importation, distribution, sale and use of the above-mentioned product,” said NAFDAC in its public statement.

“The product’s authenticity and physical condition should be carefully checked. Members of the public in possession of the product should discontinue the sale or use and submit stock to the nearest NAFDAC office.”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Caro White has been identified as dangerous. Data obtained from Safety Gate, the EU’s portal for reporting non-food dangerous products, reveals that Caro White was first reported as dangerous in Austria and Portugal in July 2011.


Also, since 2011, Caro White has been reported to possess severe chemical risk not less than 27 times across 10 European countries, including the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The most common reason why these countries have reported and banned this product is due to its high concentration of hydroquinone, which has been linked to severe skin allergies and dermatitis.

Also in July 2023, the United Kingdom ordered the removal of Caro White from its markets because it contains excessive Clobetasol Propionate, linked to dermatitis and hormonal dysfunctions if used in the long term.

Most recently, in March, the product was recalled, destroyed and banned in Germany because it contains excessive kojic acid and puts German citizens at risk of thyroid hormone imbalance and severe skin damage.

In light of Caro White’s recall, NAFDAC has urged health professionals in Nigeria to report any adverse effect they notice from the use of the product through the agency’s digital reporting portal or at the nearest NAFDAC office.





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