Asian bodybuilder ‘married’ his s3x dolls – dozens of guests attended [SEE PHOTOS]


Asian bodybuilder ‘married’ his s3x dolls – dozens of guests attended

Yuri Tolochko, the Kazakhstan bodybuilder, shot to fame in November 2020 after he “married” a s-ex doll at a ceremony attended by dozens of guests.

But in the past few weeks, the 36-year-old Asain has been pictured on his Instagram page enjoying his honeymoon with his second and third s-ex doll “wives”.

Yuri Tolochko
Yurii Tolochko has a passion for s-ex dolls (photo: Instagram/ Yurii Tolochko)

He was said to have divorced Margo, his first doll, in February 2021 over what he termed “her jealousy for marrying two new dolls”.

In a chat with BBCYuri said, unlike Margo, Lola and Luna — the new s-ex dolls — don’t habour feelings of jealousy over his promiscuity.

In October, Yuri had flown Luna to Bulgaria, where the pair had their honeymoon.


Asked why he preferred dolls to women, Yuri, said: “It’s because I can’t have s-ex with other people. I feel ashamed. But with Lola and Luna, I can do that. This is my personal position. Everything about the doll is about me.

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“It’s not about them. I can touch, hug, kiss them. It’s my daily ritual. I can’t talk to them though.

“I love s-ex dolls. I love unusual things since childhood. It turns me on. It’s a different sensation. It’s a fetish thing.”

The wedding was witnessed by friends (photo: Jam Press/@Sanat_Mukanov)

In September, Yuri, who has a passion for strange objects, had revealed via Instagram that he had “fallen in love” with a large ashtray he saw in a club.

“This is a big ashtray in a smoking room in a club. At first, I just arranged a photo shoot with it. But then it began to attract me. I wanted to touch it again, smell it. I love it brutal scent, the touch of metal on my skin. It’s really brutal. I also like that it has a story, that it’s not new, that it has served many people and continues to serve them,” he wrote.

“A couple of days ago, I was allowed to be alone with it (during it off hours). I really liked it. I want to ask them to give it to me sometimes at night. It will look great in my harem (my babies will be happy). Lola and Luna will support it.”

In Kazakhstan, the age for marriage is 18 with consent and there are no provisions outlawing marriage to object.



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