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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Atiku’s Ally & PDP Chieftain Emeka Kalu,  Assesses Gov. Otti, Reveals Why PDP Failed In Abia State

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Atiku’s Ally & PDP Chieftain Emeka Kalu,  Assesses Gov. Otti, Reveals Why PDP Failed In Abia State


In this interaction with Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu the CEO of Stercoll Group, we reviewed his political activities, reviewed the Governor Alex Otti led administration one year scorecard in Abia State and also discussed about the future. Enjoy the read ..


AFNEWS: Can we get to meet you sir?


Yes, I am Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, the CEO of Stercoll Group. I also preside over ECK Foundation whose objectives are sailing round the world impacting humanity.  Not only these but also currently function as the National Coordinator, PDP Coalition under whose platform Atikulated Agenda 2018/ 2023 Presidential Campaigns were piloted. However, I reside in the United States of America from where all the annexes of my conglomerates are administered.  I am conveniently available to field questions from you and respond to them. I am not such a difficult person in terms of politically and socially interacting with people, especially on issues bordering on how to move the nation forward .  Governance is all about putting the interest of the people first and as a person, I give 90% of my daily attention to addressing issues affecting humanity and that is actually what those in the power are expected to be doing.

AFNEWS: You are one of the strong supporters of the 2023 PDP presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, how has it been since after the election?


All things being equal, Atiku is waxing stronger and as a stakeholder in the party, he has not relented in assiduously working to ensure PDP comes stronger ahead of 2027.  My relationship with Atiku remains robust and I have not lost hope in supporting his commitment to emerge the next President of Nigeria. Waziri Adamawa ‘s wealth of experience in handling national issues is an exceptional one because he understands the crux of Nigeria problems with all quotients to address them when elected the next President.  Nigeria needs a   President who is ably committed to rectify all lapses confronting the strength of the national economy, improve on workers condition and stabilize commodity prices where an average citizen could easily afford daily   square meals. Political power is not only acquired to be giving binding instructions on the governed but one expected to be positively impacting the lives of the people on whose behalf the mandate of power is held.


AFNEWS: You are also an influential politician in the African sub region, how do you cope with all these political pressures?


By God’s grace, it has been a tough one considering the deluge of challenges but gradually, things are getting flourished as expected. My being part of the system does not provide food on my table but my passion for involvement and participation in African, my involvement in the global political system is simply to ensure sustainable leadership is achieved in advancing humanity. Like the biblical Christ, I shall not be tired in airing this message of hope and transformation across the board until Africa and the world at large attain excellence in terms of human capacity building.  As God enables, I will continue my campaign for good governance and only on the realization of same would Africa excel. The under development and poverty volume in Africa is not as a result of shortage of economic and human resources but due to cesspit of corruption bedeviling her political system and it takes leadership of sound mind to right the wrongs.

AFNEWS: Your party (PDP) in the state (Abia) is almost in disarray, she lost the last election to Labour Party and stakeholders are resigning in droves, what do you think are the issues?


It is not abnormal in party politics to experience defeat and challenges. That is why we are all mortals subject to weakness, shortcomings even death. Dr. Alex Otti of Labour party won 2023 governorship election in Abia State because it pleased the people who in maximum capacity voted and elected him. That is why it is popularly held that “power belongs to the people”. In the case of the continuous    resignation of PDP members from the party, I can sincerely tell you that it was caused by lack of unity, considering the lopsided condition of the party’s leadership in the State. No party is capable of making headways in the face of disunity and it behooves on the stakeholders of the party to facilitate actions towards restoring the collapsing glory of the party. Power is transient and the Labour Party’s coming on board the throne of Abia State government wasn’t a surprise because power when the time is ripe changes hands.    It is impossible to stop a change whose time has come. Martins Luther Kings in quotes ..


AFNEWS: Do you think there is still hope of unity restoration in your party the PDP?


There is always a hope of regeneration and re sprouting for a tree that has cut down. So, if a tree cut down still buds, sprouts and recovers its lost photosynthesis, PDP wouldn’t be a different ball game in terms of re gaining solidification and greater structural harmony ahead of 2027 general election.  The challenge PDP is having lies in the national organ of the party’s inability to filter off the bag eggs, restructure the central leadership and resuscitate the hope of Nigerians who have lost confidence in the party.  Certain issues need be settled and reconciled so as to pave ways for peace and unity to reign. It is not a magic thing to expect a political party whose structure is not harmonized to succeed in winning elections. Edo, Imo and Abia States leadership of the party is extremely threatened because of conflict of interest and other bottlenecks.

AFNEWS: Do you have any political interest come 2027?


I must tell you that power belongs to the people and through the instrumentality of their unflinching support, I would be happy to run for a political position in 2027 and God being so kind, succeed. My interest is predicated on the concern of my constituents who keep motivating my spirit to apply and contest but what I haven’t decided on is which political office I would contest for.  Having Interest in running for a political position   is a force while the people ‘s robust support accomplishes it. I strongly believe in this notion. So, I depend on the people for the accomplishment of my ambitions and with the undivided support of the people, I am prepared to serve them in any capacity on which they massively elect me to do. In all, I have an interest to run for an election in 2027 when my people truly lead the way.


AFNEWS: Reflecting on the current Labour Party administration led by Governor Alex Otti in Abia State, the government will be one year in office come May 29, 2024. How far, so far?


Hook, line and sinker, Dr. Alex Otti despite my not being in the same party with him is tremendously doing well in Abia State. His achievements so far have truly made my State proud, especially in the provisions of basic infrastructures. The forensic audit conducted by his government in analyzing the financial status of the State towards improvement has to a longer distance reshaped the face value of the State economy. Be that as it may, Otti ‘s administration is really transforming Abia for the better unlike in the past where governance failed to put smiles on the faces of the governed.  As a political realist, I firmly believe in a government of services delivery not one surreptitiously pillared on imaginations and deception. Plato once opined that ” Philosopher kings are leaders of the society “. A political king thinker is one who takes over the government and records excellence and accountability and on this foundation my political ideology is built despite how other may interpret it .


AFNEWS: Inconclusion, what will Abians be expecting from you as a philanthropist?


God is in control and by strength, no man prevails. I confide in realities that quicken good results. That makes me a realist. I have been doing my best in the Abia State and beyond the records are there for anyone to verify and evaluate. Presently, we are extending our liasion office to the old eastern region capital, (Enugu) to ensure Eck Foundation achieves its global talent transformation set goals . No government agency pays us for doing these charitable works and we are happy seeing them done actually done . I also appreciate the management team of Eck Foundation in her commitment  to get along with the demands of the work  . I am confident that in the near future , the good people of Abia States, Nigerians and the world at large would be  greatly feeling the goodwill , impacts and show of all kinds of philanthropy from Eck Family .We are currently working on our Talent integration and Scholarship programmes where all Nigerians according to  the stipulations/ benchmarks  are qualified to apply  . Our  diaspora outreach  management desk is busy working on organizing intl seminars in different parts of the world on human capacity development , empowerment , security and global environmental comfortability for the habitation of mankind .

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