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Edwin Clark Reveals How Tinubu’s Administration Is Inflicting Injustice On Igbos | READ FULL

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Edwin Clark criticizes President Tinubu’s administration for continued discrimination and injustice against the Igbo people.


Chief Edwin Clark, leader of the Ijaw Nation, has accused President Bola Tinubu‘s administration of continuing the “discrimination and injustice” against the Igbos. Clark argues that the bias seen during former President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure persists under Tinubu’s government.


In a letter addressed to President Tinubu, Clark highlighted the disparity in ministerial appointments, noting that while 10 ministers were appointed from the Southwest, only six were from the Southeast.


“Mr. President, even in your administration, the discrimination and injustice against the Igbos have not abated. The old Eastern Region and the old Western Region, to which I belonged, were equal competitors and partners before and during the First and Second Republics, but today, you have appointed 10 Yorubas as ministers from the Southwest and only five ministers from the Southeast, and you even failed to give them the ministerial appointment due to their region that would have made it six ministers. There is no justification for this grave omission and no effort has been made to correct it,” Clark wrote.


Clark called on the Igbos of the Southeast and other regions in Nigeria to stand up and “assert their rights legitimately, judiciously, and in a democratic way,” ensuring they benefit equally as any other Nigerian, as was the case before the civil war of 1967.

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