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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Gov. Otti has restored the dignity of Abians – Chief Charles Nwangwa |READ FULL

…… 60% of Abia Progressives are with Alex Otti

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Gov. Otti has restored the dignity of Abians – Chief Charles Nwangwa |READ FULL


….. Abia State Orientation Agency’s impact is not being felt

…… 60% of Abia Progressives are with Alex Otti

…… Those leaving PDP are the ones that raped and wrecked us for 24 years


In this interaction with Chief Lawrence Charles Nwangwa, we discussed Governor Alex Otti’s administration this past one year and also looked into other political issues. Enjoy the read.

AFNEWS: Can we get to meet you sir?


I am Chief Lawrence Charles Nwangwa (AKAJIUGO). I am an industrialist and political analyst. I am a staunch supporter of the Government of Dr Alex OTTI OFR, and Abia stakeholder from Obingwa LGA. I am a versatile and well-grounded intellectual.


AFNEWS: You have been one of the key supporters of Governor Alex Otti’s administration, how will you rate this administration for the past 1 year?


I will score him 90%.  The Governor and his Government has surpassed the expectations of every Abian. He can fondly be called the BIG-HEART for no one except few people like me who knew the burning desires in him before now. Though people knew the potentials of Abia State, they never contemplated it will crystallize in so short a time.


He has restored the dignity of Abians on every facet and aspect.  Now, then ever before you can proudly say you are from Abia State. This is more than enough for me.


AFNEWS: What are those areas you think this administration has done well in the past 1 year?


In terms of infrastructure, he is fulfilling the dreams of Abia State citizens. He has turned the whole State into a works yard and every day new and rehabilitated roads are being delivered.

Sanitation has improved greatly; he has also infused discipline in the civil service as well as restoring professionalism.  So much to talk about.


AFNEWS: What are those areas you think this administration needs to improve upon?


Law, order and issues bordering on micro governance. The State Orientation Agency has much more work to do. So far, their impact is not being felt. We need to reorientate our people and their psyche.


AFNEWS: As an industrialist, has your business improved in terms of the numbers since this administration came in? 


It has not been a roller coaster for every business since the APC led Government at the centre came in.

But in Abia there is ease of doing business and more roads have been rehabilitated. This is making us spend less time on the road and on maintenance of our vehicles and equipment’s.



AFNEWS: A lot of political gladiators are dumping the PDP and moving to the APC, do you think this can turn the tide against Governor Alex Otti in 2027?


The answer is capital NO! I have written a comprehensive article on this though yet to be posted.

What is happening to PDP at the moment is political sifting.  What is leaving the PDP is a particular block that usurped power from the original PDP. Those are the PPAPDP and APCPDP. What will now happen is that the ORIGINAL PDP or PDPPDP ‘agbafuru’ like Senator Abaribe etc will now come back and take their Party back.  What will happen is that the actual competitors or opposition the Labour Party will face is this reinvigorated PDP.

APC is a party that has been casted and discredited. It’s like a good man wearing the robe of a rogue. Go and ask DR UCHE OGAH he suffered it.  Everyone knows that those people leaving PDP to APC are the people that raped and wrecked us for 24 years. They only have nuisance value. Non has real electoral value. They are going into APC with ramshackle apparatus. The type of rigging for which they rose to fame and infamy are outdated hence I don’t see their relevance. Before the furore they will cause in the rather stable APC will be settled the election will be over.  To the real progressives and PDPPDP it’s good riddance and joyful that JEHOVAH EBUPUOLA IBU NJO (God has fought for them and removed the Jonah in their Boat).


AFNEWS: People are wondering why big names are not joining the Labour Party in Abia State, they say it maybe because Labour Party is not willing to accommodate more people. What do you think?


His Excellency Governor ALEX OTTI OFR and by extension the LABOUR PARTY in Abia State is not focused on POLITICS for NOW but deeply concerned and concentrating on putting things on the table for Abians.

Dr Alex OTTI is a seasoned and accomplished professional and technocrat.  Abians yearned for him and gave him a mandate and with it he crafted an AGENDA and so far it’s paying off and the accolades are almost deafening from home and abroad.


What you don’t know is that over 60% of progressive Abians have silently moved over to LP. Dr OTTI does not believe in fanfare but doing the needful intrinsically.


AFNEWS:  They have been complains from supporters of the governor that despite all their support from 2015 to date, they have not enjoyed any benefit from the present administration. What is your take?


The Governor has said it several even during his campaigns that he will not share Abia money. He said that the days of blood tonic are over.

Whoever fought or contributed to the new Abia should beat his chest and be happy that the new Abia is here.  Salaries are being paid as at when due and PENSION areas have been cleared.

The Governor and ALEX OTTI as a person is not an ingrate and will never be. He does not forget but what people do not understand is that he is meticulous and systematic in his actions. Watch out all will be touched. He hates being harangued. He is averse to blackmail and never submit to intimidation.

AFNEWS: Do you think the governor has done well politically over this past 1 year?


YES. The politics that were essential to the wellbeing of the State he played it and came out in flying colours. If you noticed he has not fallen out with any top politician or even sectional blocks in the State. Against expectations in some quarters, he gave juicy appointments to some local governments he even got the least votes.


And I can assure you that when time comes for real politics you will marvel and then KNOW that he is a colossus.


AFNEWS: What other advice do you have for the governor and Abians in general going forward?


To the Governor I say kudos, Revelation chapter 3 verse 11 (Jide nke iji) …let no man take thy crown”


For Abians I will say be steadfast in supporting Alex Otti and Labour Party for you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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