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Fulfilling Promises: Gov. Umo Eno Launches Health Initiatives

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In a significant move towards enhancing healthcare accessibility and emergency response in Akwa Ibom State, Governor Umo Eno has inaugurated the Health Insurance Agency Board and announced plans for a state-wide ambulance service.

Inauguration of Health Insurance Agency Board

Governor Umo Eno fulfilled a key campaign promise by inaugurating the 15-member Health Insurance Agency Board. The board members, selected for their professional competence, will oversee the implementation of a robust health insurance scheme aimed at making healthcare services affordable and accessible across the state.

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Launching State-wide Ambulance Service

Highlighting the importance of swift medical responses, Governor Umo Eno announced the procurement of six ambulances to bolster emergency healthcare services. These ambulances will be strategically stationed across Akwa Ibom’s three Senatorial Districts to ensure prompt medical attention during emergencies.

Commitment to Healthcare Infrastructure

During the inauguration ceremony held at the State Exco Chambers in Uyo, Governor Umo Eno emphasized his administration’s dedication to building a comprehensive healthcare system. This commitment includes the establishment of modern primary healthcare centers equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by trained medical professionals.

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Promoting Public Health and Safety

Governor Umo Eno underscored the significance of healthcare delivery in rural and urban areas alike, aligning his efforts with Sustainable Development Goal No. 3. He reiterated the government’s proactive stance in addressing public health challenges and enhancing the overall well-being of Akwa Ibom residents.

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Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Governor Umo Eno outlined plans to expand the fleet of ambulances and recruit additional medical personnel and health officers into the State Civil Service. These initiatives aim to strengthen the healthcare workforce and improve service delivery, reflecting the government’s commitment to fostering a healthy and productive population.

Governor Umo Eno’s inauguration of the Health Insurance Agency Board and launch of the state-wide ambulance service mark significant strides towards achieving comprehensive healthcare reform in Akwa Ibom State. With a focus on accessibility, affordability, and efficiency, these initiatives are poised to transform healthcare delivery and improve the quality of life for all residents.

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