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HOOK-UP GONE WRONG: Dismemběred b0dy of two missing girls found near home of their male host

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A dismembě red b0dy has been found near home of the Nigerian man who accommodated two friends who are currently missing. LIB reported that Celine and her Ghanaian friend, Afiba, were declared missing after they travelled from Port Harcourt, Rivers State to Abia State on April 27, 2024 to see Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo after connecting with him on Facebook.

Nigerian activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, who has been following the case, confirmed the discovery of the dec0 mp0sed b0dy, He mentioned that the dec0 mp0sing b0dy was found with its head, hands and legs not visible and that it was wrapped in one of the curtains similar to the ones in the home of Andrew who was allegedly k!!led while trying to escape from arrest some days ago.

He wrote



You all remembered that few days ago, I posted that anyone with useful information to the whereabout of Celine and Afiba should send a message and his/her identity will be protected.

Yesterday, at about 10:00pm, we arrived Aba and in company of police officers from FIB-IRT Abuja, we went out for a search and discovered a dec0 mp0sed b0dy wrapped and dumped somewhere around ZeeRock area Ogbor-Hill, Aba, Abia State.

We are yet to ascertain if the body is one of the victims or someone else and wishes to appeal to NDI Abia to assist us more in knowing the whereabouts of Celine and Afiba.

I understand that there is a disconnect between the Security Agencies and the people and which is the reason I am here in person and any information sent to me will not put anyone in danger. HELP US TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE.

Harrison Gwamnishu”

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