How Driver Killed 10-Year-Old On Her Birthday


How Driver Killed 10-Year-Old On Her Birthday


A 10-year-old Nigerian girl has been killed by a woman without a driver’s license on Wednesday, 9th Febuaruy, Naija News reports

According to reports, Davina Afokoba,10, died a block away from her home after a 35-year-old woman lost control of her black Mazda and smashed into a car wash, pinning the young victim to death.

The 10-year-old was declared dead by paramedics on the scene and another pedestrian, a 33-year-old woman who was also injured but was taken to Jamaica Hospital, is said to be in stable condition.

A family friend said the 10-year-old was on her way home from her school and had stopped at a deli moments earlier with her teenage brother, who witnessed the ghastly carnage from across the street.

It was gathered that the driver reportedly had a learner’s permit.

However, photos from the scene show the car had a bumper sticker saying “New Driver Please Be Patient.”

No charges had been filed against the driver Wednesday night, the NYPD said.