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How Overland Airways refuse to refund Customer’s N226,000 After Cancelling Flight

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How Overland Airways Hold On to Customer’s N226,000 After Cancelling Flight

A month after Cecilia Abiodun requested a refund of N226,000 following a flight cancellation, Overland Airways has not returned her money.

She had booked a two-way Ibadan-Abuja ticket with Overland Airways in April, but the company cancelled her flight before she could embark on the trip.

Abiodun told FIJ that she had been planning the trip since February and bought the ticket on February 29 to avoid incurring additional expenses.

“I wanted to travel to Abuja on April 8 and return the following day, so I went to the Ibadan Airport to book the ticket in February. I made the payments there because it was cheaper,” she said.

“Two days before I was supposed to embark on the flight, I received a text message notifying me of a flight cancellation. Three days later, I got another text message that the return trip had been cancelled. “


News of the flight cancellation did not deter Abiodun from journeying to Abuja. She booked another two-way ticket, travelled on April 8 and returned the following day as planned.

When she returned to Ibadan, she went to the airport to request a refund, but she was informed that the company’s staff had been unavailable for some days.

“Someone gave me the number of one of their staff. I contacted the person, and she sent me a form to fill out. I did so and sent it on April 10, but I have not been refunded,” Abiodun told FIJ.

FIJ emailed Overland Airways on Tuesday, but they did not respond.

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