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IMN Criticizes Hon. Obi Aguocha’s Political Maneuvering with Nnamdi Kanu’s Name

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Igbo Media Network urges Hon. Obi Aguocha to cease using Nnamdi Kanu’s name for political gains, highlighting the need for a collective effort in seeking Kanu’s release.


The Igbo Media Network (IMN) has advised Honorable Obi Aguocha to cease leveraging the name of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for political relevance. This call was made during a press conference led by coordinator Mazi Jacob Ikechi in Enugu State, emphasizing that the release of Nnamdi Kanu should be a collective effort involving South East leaders and progressive support groups like the IMN.


The group recalled a recent statement by Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu, warning politicians against using Nnamdi Kanu’s detention for personal political campaigns. They expressed concern that despite this warning, Obi Aguocha continues to politicize Kanu’s plight.


“Recently, Hon. Aguocha was reported to have sought the release of Nnamdi Kanu from former President Muhammadu Buhari, who was instrumental in Kanu’s arrest and incarceration. This move appears politically motivated, as Buhari had previously ignored pleas from prominent Igbo figures,” Mazi Ikechi stated.


The IMN highlighted that Aguocha frequently appears in the news linking himself to Nnamdi Kanu’s cause, overshadowing the quiet efforts of others genuinely working towards Kanu’s release. They believe this self-promotion may undermine collective efforts by making it seem like Aguocha is the sole advocate for Kanu.


“While Nnamdi Kanu hails from the same federal constituency that Hon. Obi Aguocha represents, his actions and public statements could jeopardize the discreet efforts of well-meaning Nigerians advocating for Kanu’s freedom. His approach suggests he is the lone warrior in this cause, potentially deterring others from contributing,” Ikechi added.


The group clarified they do not oppose anyone fighting for Kanu’s release but disapprove of those using Kanu’s name for political gain. They noted that Aguocha has not made significant legislative achievements since joining the House of Representatives and might be using Kanu’s name to gain political traction.


“Our research indicates that Aguocha has not accomplished much for his constituency. It seems he is using Kanu’s name to remain relevant. We advise him to collaborate with others for Kanu’s release and focus on his legislative duties to bring development to his constituency,” the IMN concluded.

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