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Opinion: Senator Akobundu, Appointment for Decamped Persons Ogbasara Gi? – Chuks Omesie

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By Chuks Omesie

Dear Senator, what is your fear? Are their decamping giving you sleepless nights? If it is not a very busy body that does not understand what remedy and priority are, what will make Senator Austin Akobundu start berating those who left his failed and disorganized PDP party in Abia because he feels they will get an appointment in the new party they moved to? Instead of focusing on how to fix his political party that was abandoned by the party’s major players, leaving them with the featherweights.

I’ve been thinking about this and reading different meanings of the video, where I saw him addressing his failed, disorganised and putrefy party in their rented bunk. Well, it may be that he joined the PDP those days for the same reason, of course, he allegedly did and I guess Governor TA Orji gave him an appointment at that time.

You can see why taking “wine and eat” alone is not good most of the time (Buru rie so gi, adighi mma), they have left the party to him and his clique to have everything in quantum, he can even have 10 positions for himself, yet the pain of losing them does not allow him to concentrate and take his eyes off them. I thought he saw their failed PDP as elephant meat, why use legs to drag the snail when someone is bragging that he is carrying an elephant?

What concerns Senator Akobundu about giving an appointment to those who left the PDP to another political party?  Senator! appointment ogbasari gi? If any of them came to the political party and got an appointment, doesn’t that show that that particular person is an asset? In any case, little by little his fear will unfold, the fear of evidently becoming a senator for one term will manifest itself before him.

Yes, It can be understood that in his mind and body language, he is afraid, even so, he should have been worried more about how to fix the carcasses left in his disorganized Abia PDP party. As for those who left the PDP, if it was to be anyone’s business, not Senator Akobundu who allegedly wants to have it all for himself.

Sir, please my 1 cent advice; Focus more on your party, I doubt he will follow this advice since it is a mockery to give a mirror to a blind person.

Thank you for reading
I’m still Mr Chuks Omesie
I worry less about the PDP bragging that they will return to power in 2027.

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