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Reminiscing On Kalu’s ‘Peace Marshals’ As An Extension Of PISE-P  – By Mike Ukoha

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Reminiscing On Kalu’s ‘Peace Marshals’ As An Extension Of PISE-P  – By Mike Ukoha


It was Amit Ray, an Indian peace advocate who once posited that “Peace, harmony and brotherhood are the marks of humanity. They are the heart of every religion. They are the ultimate weapons against all powerful weapons”.


Recently, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu hinted on the possible need for the use of ‘Peace Marshals’ as agents to propagate peace in all political wards across the South East geopolitical zone.


Kalu gave the hints while addressing members of Club 17 Peace Movement, Abia State Caucus and the Local Government Areas Executives who paid him a courtesy visit.

In his address to the association members in Umuahia, Kalu explained that the Peace Marshals would function as an extension of Peace In South East Project (PISE-P), an initiative that craves non kinetic approaches to solving the security issues, infrastructural decay and other sociological challenges in the South East region, stressing that the marshals will serve as peace advocates and reconciliation officers.


It will be recalled that PISE-P, a brainchild of the Deputy Speaker was launched on December 29, 2023 in Bende, Abia State.


Kalu also emphasized the need for Club 17 Movement as a peace initiative to also collaborate with PISE-P to spread the gospel of peace and unity in the Southeast.


Indeed, this new additional approach towards achieving a lasting peace in the Southeast region of Nigeria needs to be applauded and supported by all peace loving individuals.


Like Amit Ray asserted in his postulations, the indefatigable Deputy Speaker is gradually lifting the horns of the people of the South East in all ramifications through his many approaches and interventions towards achieving peace and harmony in the region.


As an extension of PISE-P, the job of the Peace Marshals will not only be limited to acting as foot soldiers of peace and harmony in our various communities and wards; but assisting in educating the society of what the 8 pillars of PISE-P subsumed in Agriculture, Education, Commerce/Industry, Infrastructural development, Culture and Tourism, Sports/ entertainment, Governance/leadership as well as Reconciliation/rehabilitation and re-integration tend to achieve for Ndigbo of the South East and the country at large.


All over the world, the antidote to all lethal weapons impeding peace has always been found in brotherly love shared amongst the people who understand the importance of peaceful co-existence. This is the magic wand the Deputy Speaker has in abundance.

The Deputy Speaker understands the importance of engaging Peace Marshals as forerunners in propagating peace. Above all, not only will this unique approach go a long way in reaching and changing the youths in our rural areas, but it will be a means of positive engagement through peace talk. It is expected that the workings of these Peace Advocates will, for instance, help to identify some of the restive youths who would be willing to venture into various skills. Those who are interested in agriculture will also assist in massive food production for both the region and the country at large. In the same vein, there’s need to identify the latent talents in our youth who are good in sports and entertainment but have no sponsors to push them through.


Harnessing the potentials in this sector on what the future holds for the young ones in the next couple of years will be a huge plus for our region.


Research has shown that when people are properly engaged in meaningful ventures, it will automatically disengage them from negative behaviors. There is no gainsaying that there’s need for volunteers in this regard. These volunteers must be people who are passionate enough to understand the importance of peace in our society and genuinely preach it wherever they go. Peace advocacy is essential in propagating a harmonious environment for everyone, and our peace loving Deputy Speaker in his usual manner has set the ball rolling. There’s a need for all hands to be on deck in order to achieve this lofty goal.


Ukoha, a former Minority Whip, Abia State House of Assembly, writes from Umuahia, the State Capital

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