ROAD TO ABIA GOVERNMENT HOUSE 2023: Gov Ikpeazu’s Dilemma Over Choice of Replacement


ROAD TO ABIA GOVERNMENT HOUSE 2023: Gov Ikpeazu’s Dilemma Over Choice of Replacement

There are strong indications that the Abia state Governor, Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu may not be at liberty to choose and anoint a candidate that will replace him after his four year tenure in 2023.

Sunnews Times “Political Cross Fire”, an investigative programme that unveils hidden political issues across the nation can authoritatively disclose that the the Governor is in dilemma on what to do to accomplish his heart’s desire of selecting, anointing  and supporting a candidate of his choice  to replace him when his tenure expires.

It was learnt that the Governor had three candidates in mind from Abia Central area of Ngwa land, out of which he had desired to anoint one, but the choice before him today is reminiscent of the choice of standing between the devil and the deep black sea.

The whole episode started playing out when the former Governor, Chief Theodore Ahamefule Orji, made an open declaration recently that the Governorship seat should go to Abia North senatorial Zone, based on Abia Chatter of Equity arrangement, under which Ikpeazu was enthroned.

The Governor who wanted so much to enthrone his successor from Ngwa land was not happy over the development, but would rather prefer to be allowed to select his own candidate from among st his Ngwa kinsmen from Abia Central.

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Rather than chose from among st his kinsmen, he was  asked to anoint  any candidate of his choice from Abia North  zone in support of the equity that enthroned him,  or if his desire is to have  someone from his Ngwa land, he should accept  any candidate that would be foisted on him.

Not satisfied with the suggestion of anointing a non Ngwa man to succeed him, and based on the recent argument of his people that the state is divided into two, (namely Old Aba zone and Old Bende block) Ikpeazu rather prefers an Ngwa man from Abia Central to succeed him.

It was based on this development that a Candidate, an Nsulu-born business man, who resides in Lagos and has a relationship with the State Government on poultry development was then presented to him to replace him when his tenure expires in  2023.

This has brought him into serious dilemma, as to what he is going to do with the choice of another person’s candidate, added to the fact that he already has three candidates he earlier penciled down to replace him at the end.

His penciled down candidates are technocrats with reputable international connections, but the powers that enthroned him, who still want to hold sway after him does not want his choice since he decided to opt out from the Abia chatter of equity which brought him to power.

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Meanwhile, his kinsmen are seriously advising him against accepting a candidate he did not chose, as it will amounts to the candidate not being answerable to him, but to the people that introduced him, which can be interpreted to mean that he has given back what was given to him.

This situation  did not go down well with some Ngwa born politicians from Abia Central, who are rather supporting that the Governorship remains in Ngwa land for them to complete the sixteen years tenure governed by Abia North and Abia Central candidates.

They are also saying that the clause of presenting a candidate to the Governor should be rejected by the Governor, as anyone who is presented to him can not be responsible to him.

Some school of thought in the political circle of Ngwa land are arguing that the issue of dividing the state into three zones was a later selfish arrangement, made by a former governor, and that it did not support the Abia Chatter of Equity as far as they are concerned.

It was learnt that, the Governor was told that the only way he will get the support of his benefactors is for him to accept and anoint a candidate from Ngwa clan of Abia central that will be presented to him since he does not want any candidate from Abia North.

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This will amount to leaving out his tested technocrats with international reputation, whom people believe would turned the fortunes of the state around in a short while, as Abia deserve the best at a time like this.

Ngwa Political observers are however warning the governor to be wary of accepting another person’s choice to replace him .

They also argued that it will lead to protest vote against Peoples Democratic Party , PDP during elections, which the party will regret at a long run.

Other political observers are also of the view that Ikpeazu should have been allowed to make his own choice instead of being forced to accept another person’s choice to replace him.

Already, the favored candidate who is now warming up to take over from him, as is being circulated, has been receiving series of congratulatory messages and texts from his friends and well-wishers, who believe that his presenters have made him Governor.

But in swift development, the Ukwa people of Abia South are already spoiling for war, challenging any decision that will still keep the governorship mantle in Ngwa land.

They argue that if there is an agreement to keep the governorship seat in Abia south , it must come to Ukwa area and no longer in Ngwa land of Abia Central.

Whether it will turn out to Governor Ikpeazu’s favour or not, only time will tell.



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