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Sacked CBN Workers Challenge Dismissal

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Sacked CBN Workers Challenge Dismissal

Former employees of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have criticized their abrupt termination, pointing fingers at the management for mistreatment and injustice.

They alleged that numerous individuals were not compensated with their entitlements before their termination, a decision they contended breaches the bank’s human resource regulations and policies.

In a statement made on Sunday in Jos, the capital of Plateau State, the North Central Coordinator of the Conference of Autochthonous Ethnic Communities Development Association Youth Wing, Paul Dekete, demanded the immediate reinstatement of the dismissed workers.

The statement partly read, “The purge wasn’t limited to high-level executives. It extended far beyond directors, impacting Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors who formed the backbone of departmental operations. These were not junior staff; they were seasoned professionals with deep institutional knowledge.

“For example, the Director of Information Technology was overseeing crucial projects on the very day they were terminated, including efforts to secure international information security certifications for the bank.

“In a particularly egregious case, a Director on special assignment, tasked with leading the bank’s efforts to secure an ISO certification for information security, was sacked on the very day the bank successfully achieved this crucial milestone.

“Central banking relies heavily on robust cybersecurity measures, and this certification is a testament to the Director’s competence and the bank’s commitment to financial security. This abrupt dismissal, on the day of a major accomplishment, raises serious questions about the planning and rationale behind the mass layoffs.

“The mass sack violated the bank’s own HR policy, which mandates board approval for executive terminations.

“This blatant disregard for due process has raised serious questions about transparency. The CBN, a federal institution, must adhere to public service rules. This dismissal exercise, carried out without board approval, lacks a solid legal foundation.

“Making matters worse, the bank offered no clear criteria for the mass sacking. This is a stark departure from their established culture of clear communication with staff during downsizing exercises.

Dekete, speaking on behalf of the dismissed CBN workers, highlighted the abrupt termination process, which left long-serving employees jobless without consideration for their loyalty and dedication.

The dismissals not only caused financial distress, with loans tied to salaries immediately deducted, but also raised concerns of ethnic bias, particularly affecting the North Central and South Eastern regions.

Additionally, the removal of the entire Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) raised worries about the bank’s ability to combat financial crimes effectively.

Dekete urged for a review of the termination decisions and called upon regional governors to intervene and address the concerning situation.

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