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SATURDAY NIGHT TRAGEDY: Family raise alarm over the sad end of their 23 – year – old beautiful Nurse, fingers her male friend, Charles By Ori Martins

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The month of June started off quite painfully for the residents and indigenes of Ama Wire, off Road Safety, Egbu, Owerri North Local Government Area, Imo State. Judith Ginika Okoro, 23, a nurse, died tragically on Saturday, June 1, 2024.

Beautiful and bubbling, Judith, endowed with all the features that make a young lady sensationally appealing and inviting, was not expired by any form of auto crash. She never died in her sleep, neither did she experience accidental organ failure.

The pathetic tale told by her mother, Mrs Caroline Okoro, with, not just misty eyes, but flood of tears rolling down her chicks, with shouts of “Lord, why me, why my only daughter, why did you allow this evil on this family”, is really odious.

According to her, on the fateful Saturday night, they (herself and the husband) got a call beckoning on them to hasten to a hospital along the boisterous Owerri – Mbaise Road. On getting there, what they saw was an outright evil sight – the lifeless body of their daughter! Speechless and dumbfounded they rather imagined spontaneously thus – What happened? How did it happen? And where did it happen? Who actually was behind it?

In their confused state and bewilderment, the nurses present pointed at an equally young man of 27 years simply identified as Charles as the one who brought Judith without life in her to the hospital.

Upon inspection, Caroline stated, her face was replete with bruises, her neck still dropping with blood just as her back was litered with swollen spots indicating severe batterings.

Judith’s mother explained that they asked Charles what happened to the dead’s face and his answer was: “It was when she collapsed and became unconscious that I started beating/slapping her in order to revive her”. What of the blood around her neck and her swollen back? No answer!

Those who saw Judith all Saturday and those with her even when she closed her chemist shop said she was full of life and energy. Sadly and regrettably, she died such a death yet to be explained.

The mother has urged the Imo State Police Comand to do everything within its control to unravel the mystery behind her daughter’s death and bring the culprit(s) to book.

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