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Why Did Soldier in Aba Commit Suicide at Army Camp Gate? | READ DETAILS

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In a tragic incident, CSM Vitalis, a soldier from the 14 Brigade Headquarters in Abia State, took his own life at the Forward Operation Base gate in Aba. The reasons behind his suicide remain a mystery, with a discreet investigation underway to uncover the truth.


In a tragic event, a soldier serving under the 14 Brigade Headquarters at Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Barrack in Ohafia, Abia State, and attached to the 144 Battalion’s Forward Operation Base (FOB) at Ngwa High School in Abayi, Osisioma local government area, has taken his own life.


The soldier, Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Vitalis, a senior non-commissioned officer from Okpuala in Ngor-Okpuala, Imo State, shot himself in front of the FOB gate. The reason for his decision to end his life at the army camp remains unknown, as no suicide note was found.


Security sources in the state have indicated that only a discreet investigation could uncover the reasons behind his suicide, cautioning against speculation that might prejudice the outcome of the army’s investigation.


Reports also noted that prior to his death, there had been no incidents of domestic violence or work-related disciplinary action against him by army authorities at the Battalion or the 14 Brigade Headquarters.


It was revealed that CSM Vitalis had been missing for the past two weeks, with all attempts by colleagues and military authorities to contact him proving unsuccessful. He reappeared at the army camp and, to the shock of his colleagues, took his own life. The deceased was reportedly due to retire from service in October, leaving his colleagues perplexed as to why he chose to end his life.


This tragic incident has cast a shadow over the military community, with many searching for answers to the untimely death of a dedicated soldier.

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