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Why Nnamdi Kanu’s N1bn Suit Against FG Was Dismissed by Court

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The Federal High Court in Abuja dismissed Nnamdi Kanu’s N1bn suit against the FG, citing lack of credible evidence for his claims of rights violations by the DSS. Discover the key reasons behind the court’s decision.


On Monday, the Federal High Court in Abuja, presided over by Justice James Omotosho, dismissed the N1 billion fundamental human rights lawsuit filed by Nnamdi Kanu, the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), against the Federal Government.


Kanu had brought the suit, marked FHC/CS/1633/2023, against the Attorney-General of the Federation and the Department of State Services (DSS), claiming that his rights were violated during his detention. He sought N1 billion in damages, alleging that the DSS and its Director General hindered his legal team’s access to him, thereby compromising his right to a fair hearing.


Justice Omotosho, in his ruling, stated that Kanu failed to provide sufficient and credible evidence to support his claims. The court found no substantial proof that the DSS had obstructed Kanu’s legal representatives from having unhindered interactions with him or that DSS officials had eavesdropped on his confidential conversations with his lawyers.


The judge emphasized that Kanu’s assertions lacked concrete evidence, noting that for a claim of rights violations to be upheld, it must be supported by clear and convincing proof. The court concluded that Kanu’s allegations of interference and denial of fair hearing rights were unsubstantiated, leading to the dismissal of his suit.


Kanu, who has been in detention since his extradition from Kenya, has consistently argued that his legal rights have been infringed upon by the Nigerian authorities. His legal team has maintained that the conditions of his detention and the alleged monitoring of his legal consultations breached his constitutional rights. Despite these arguments, the court ruled that the evidence presented was insufficient to warrant the N1 billion damages sought.


The dismissal of Kanu’s suit underscores the challenges faced in proving claims of human rights violations, especially against state security agencies. It also highlights the legal complexities involved in high-profile cases such as this, where the balance between national security and individual rights is often contested.


The Federal Government has yet to issue a statement regarding the court’s decision. Meanwhile, Kanu’s legal team has indicated that they may explore further legal options in pursuit of justice for their client.

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