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Why Orji Uzor Kalu’s Claims About Uturu-Akara Road Project Are Misleading

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Abia Rejoice Group exposes Orji Uzor Kalu’s misleading claims about the Uturu-Akara road project, crediting Dr. Uche Ogah with its facilitation.


In a revealing statement, the Abia Rejoice Group, led by Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah (USO), has debunked Senator Orji Uzor Kalu’s (OUK) claims of facilitating the Uturu-Akara road project. Dr. Ogah, emphasizing respect for Kalu as an elder and former governor, felt compelled to set the record straight for posterity’s sake.


The controversy began when Kalu, in a live video, falsely claimed credit for the ongoing Uturu-Akara road rehabilitation by a foreign construction firm. This assertion, according to Abia Rejoice, was a desperate attempt by Kalu to bolster his dwindling political relevance. In contrast, Dr. Ogah had quietly funded the engineering design, conducted site inspections, and secured presidential approval for the project without seeking public accolades.


Dr. Ogah’s discreet but impactful efforts included multiple inspections and an official appeal to the President, which resulted in the project receiving Sukkuk funding after overcoming initial budgetary constraints. Contrary to Kalu’s statements, he had never listed this road among his constituency projects.

Why Orji Uzor Kalu’s Claims About Uturu-Akara Road Project Are Misleading
Why Orji Uzor Kalu’s Claims About Uturu-Akara Road Project Are Misleading

Abia Rejoice criticized Kalu’s history of favoring substandard construction firms, leading to failed projects like the Acha Road and Ugwueke Road in Isuikwuato. They challenged him to name any quality project executed under his tenure. In stark contrast, Dr. Ogah ensured the Uturu-Akara road project was handled by Eighteen Engineering, a reputable Chinese firm, ensuring quality and durability.


Furthermore, Kalu’s supposed connections to the presidency, which he often flaunts, failed to expedite critical projects like the Umuahia-Bende Road. It was Dr. Ogah’s intervention that secured the necessary approvals and ensured reputable execution.


Abia Rejoice accused Kalu of using deceitful tactics to claim credit for projects to which he contributed nothing, underscoring the need for leaders to uphold truth and integrity. They urged Kalu to focus on addressing other neglected roads in his constituency, using his alleged presidential connections for the public good.


In conclusion, Abia Rejoice affirmed that Dr. Uche Ogah is the true facilitator of the Uturu-Akara road project, backed by documentary evidence, and urged Kalu to desist from his misleading claims and political gimmicks. They called for a focus on genuine development and accountability in public service.






As a group, the Abia Rejoice, through our doyen, Dr Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah (USO), has always accorded Sen.. Orji Uzor Kalu (OUK) all the respects he deserves: first as an elder brother, former governor and Senator representing the good people of Abia North senatorial district where our doyen hails from. Therefore, by principle and policy, we would not have joined issues with OUK over his usual gaffe and misleading claim of being the one who facilitated the award for the rehabilitation of the Uturu-Akara road project by the Federal Government of Nigeria but for record purposes, we need to put the facts in proper perspective for posterity’s sake.


Our leader, USO, being of peaceful disposition, exemplifies that there should be boundaries between playing politics and brotherhood but someone like OUK doesn’t know or chooses not to know that due to his predilection for deceit, double-speaking, lies and over-exaggerated self-glorification.


As a group, we have also observed in many instances that OUK and his group detest anything linked to USO with passion and we can no longer tolerate it.


The false claim by OUK in a live video that he attracted the Uturu-Akara road project currently being done by a foreign construction firm reeks in utter delusion contrived by him to, as usual, mislead and hoodwink the unsuspecting viewers of the nauseating clip. Again, he did that live video just to aim to shore up his dwindling political capital which is fast depleting.


First, USO funded the engineering design and sponsored the many visits to the site for inspection as a prelude to obtaining presidential approval for its rehabilitation by the Federal Government. He did not do live video while he did that. He then proceeded to applying to Mr President for his gracious approval for same. So, when, at that point that, OUK learnt that USO was angling to obtain presidential approval for the award of such a strategic road in Abia, he, out of envy and sheer desperation, did all within his usual mischievous antics to scuttle this noble objective by ensuring miserly budgetary allocation to the project so as to delay its completion unduly due to insufficient budgetary allocation but God defeated such wicked design as the project was, after the initial challenges of insufficient funding, later moved to the Sukkuk funding.


Has OUK, before now, included the said road as one of his constituency projects? No. He has just woken from his slumber and started claiming unfounded glory for projects he did not attract just because someone he hates to read about his feats did what he could not do just to spite him. Or maybe, OUk is now in panic mode because, someone in his immediate constituency is utilizing his leadership position in the national assembly to attract people-oriented projects widely acknowledged by all whereas OUK could not do the same when he was in the leadership of the same national assembly as the Chief Whip.


Second, OUK has by his past and present actions, while in public office, exhibited his disdain for foreign or reputable construction firms to execute quality jobs. He prefers “wishy-washy” jobs. Evidence of such failed projects abound; most of the NDDC projects in Isuikwuato like the Acha Road, Ugwueke Road etc. Today, Acha Road project is a failed project, owing to his penchant for substandard or poor jobs.  We challenge him to name any project he has, as a public official, ever executed by a foreign or indigenous reputable contractor. Unlike him, USO utilises standard companies for projects for which he insisted that a project of this magnitude requires a reputable standard execution which a quality construction firm can do and which Eighteen Engineering firm from China is doing.


Third, OUK always regale his unsuspecting followers about his connection to the Presidency whereas, though as a principal member of the senate, the Umuahia-Bende Road remained unpassable for years with no immediate action by him to attract or quicken the rehabilitation of that strategic road. He said the former President gave him a parting gift by approving the rehabilitation of the road by the Federal Government whereas it was USO who made the appeal to the former president, got the approval and insisted that it must be executed by a foreign firm due to its peculiar terrain of gully erosions. We now ask, can a parting gift be given to someone who never worked for or merited it? Wonders shall never end.


The salient question is, what purpose was that stage-managed video clip in the guise of an interview? In other words, what exactly do OUK and his handlers want to achieve by claiming to have attracted a road when he knows that he did not? It’s really sad and heart-breaking that somebody of OUK’s status will be seeking attention and validation at all costs, especially from things that are meaningless. He may have suddenly realized that the Absu-Akara Road dwarfs whatever he may be claiming to have ever attracted to his people, hence, the sudden claim.


For record purposes and for posterity sake, Dr. Uche Ogah attracted the rehabilitation of that road and he has proofs by way of documentary evidence. We shall therefore, attach USO’s letter to the former President wherein he sought Mr President’s approval for the rehabilitation of the Absu (Uturu)-Akara Road. We shall also, attach Mr president’s approval for the rehabilitation of the road. This will help put the records straight. And we challenge OUK and his handlers to display their own letter of approval by the Presidency for this same road.


Truth be told, unexamined life is truly not worth living. One can’t continue to make the same mistake and expect a different outcome. Here is a man who stampeded the glory of Abia State for years and almost turned it into capital of idolatry against the original design as God’s Own State.


Meanwhile, let’s equally remind OUK and his likes who are laying claims to the ongoing road project that there are so many dilapidated roads in their constituency begging for their attention. It will be applauded if he can utilize his much touted “connection” to the presidency to obtain approvals for the rehabilitation of such many roads.


The idea of politicizing every little thing for political exigency thereby, making mockery of oneself in the guise of misinforming the public has long gone into oblivion. People are now aware of all these gimmicks!


OUK, since you usually share good relationships with virtually all the presidents as you claim, we should expect more parting gifts, particularly now that your contemporary and friend is the President of Nigeria.


The good news is that Abians, Abia North and the contractor are aware that USO singlehandedly attracted the said road without media brandishing or any form of self-validation. 


We are of the view that OUK can do better than all this pettiness in the name of seeking relevance; It’s simply uncalled for!


We are ready now more than ever to respond to OUK’s unending attacks on Dr. Uche Ogah.


Enough of Kalu’s rascality and unguided statements.


-Abia Rejoice Movement.



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