ABIA! Can the Man who Could not Win Senate, Win House of Representatives in Ukwa?


Can the Man who Could not Win Senate, Win House of Representatives in Ukwa?

By. Elvis Nwamara.

I laughed when I first heard the rumour that Chief Chris Nkwonta would be returning to the PDP to run for the House of Representatives election in a bid to represent Ukwa East and West federal constituency at the Green Chambers.

I initially dismissed it, because I believed that the man who couldn’t win a Senatorial election which he stood great chances of winning, would not come back to the PDP for the purpose of contesting for a House of Representatives seat he doesn’t stand a chance of winning. However, on a second thought, I felt we should welcome and watch his dance steps.

Even when I discussed it with some Abians from the point of political permutation, they were unanimous in agreeing that the former APGA and APC chieftain would be a liability to the PDP which he has now rejoined.

Number one, they were of the opinion, that he is an “election period” politician who doesn’t believe in politics of sustenance and consistency. That’s to say that, he disappears as soon as elections are over.

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Number two, they agreed that he’s not a courageous leader who can fearlessly mobilize and lead a people when it matters most.

Three, that because he’s banking on those who promised him the House of Representatives ticket, he would not bother to accord the average voters and stakeholders in Ukwa the recognition they deserve to enable them to assist him to succeed.

Finally, they unanimously agreed that the zoning formula puts him at a serious disadvantage, as it’s generally believed that power should move to the Ukwa West LGA.

Unfolding developments, especially Nkwonta’s movement to PDP may have finally unveiled those behind the recent protest targeted at a high ranking politician and PDP chieftain from Ukwa who has been working assiduously to bring development to Ukwa.

Those who choose to identify with the people only during elections are the greatest enemies of the people and must be stopped by every legitimate means possible.

Now that Nkwonta has joined the PDP, it’s hoped that he and others who might have come with him would dedicate energy and resources to ensuring the growth of the PDP in Ukwa Land, even if the people refuse to choose them during the 2023 general election.

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In the coming days, weeks, and months, I shall be analyzing the attributes, achievements, and chances of those who are aspiring to serve Ukwa people and present their previous achievements before the people for assessment. It’s going to be interesting.

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