[WATCH VIDEO] 18-year-0ld Ashaw0 girl goes n akked, tackles client for refusing to pay after giving him all the styles


It’s often said that there’s no such thing as an easy job, as there’s no shortcut to success.

And at this point in time, we are compelled to believe that the work of pr0st!tutes is also not for the faint-hearted based on a distressing video circulating on the local digital space.

The [email protected] footage gives a sorry account of a teenage pr0st!tute heckling a client for refusing to pay the initially agreed price after having s3x with her.

The y0ung girl can be seen holding the man t!ghtly as she refused to let go of him until he settles his bills for enjoying her h0neyp0t.

As the g!rl struggled with the man, she could be heard shouting “give me my m0ney” to which the man retorted “leave me alone”.

The girl proceeds to bite the man’s pen!s which gets him highly infuriated and threatens to beat her as he struggles to free himself from her strong gripping fingers.

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