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“Your new home will £estroy” – Nigerian man calls out his ‘girlfriend’ who got married to another man; claims she’s 4 months pregnant for him

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A Nigerian man, Ibrahim, has called out his supposed ‘girlfriend,’ Rukayat, for marrying another man without his knowledge.

Ibrahim, of 86 regular intake at Nigeria Army Barracks Ojo Cantonment, in a Facebook post on Sunday, June 2, 2024, also claimed that Rukayat is four months pregnant with his baby.

Dear rukayat ex

I wish u nothing in u new home but bad,
Ur marriage will destroy inshallah keep watching
U meet me February this year and I promise to married u ,you said okay and I introduced u to my parents,
And u told me u are pregnant Mach I said okay that’s nice,and I was so happy for the good news,I left my work to come home so that we can do proper arrangements,I came home Because of u,

So u don’t allow me to see u
U even change sim because of me after I told u am home already,
Since then I can’t found u or know ur way again, that was 25 mach , since then we are not talking again, next thing I see yesterday was ur friend request then I accept u ,u sent me ur wedding pictures that u are in man house since u left me ,
My question was that are u staying in man house with my 4 month pregnant?
I promise u with this ur evil did
Even if I no say something God who’s know everything will fight for me,
After all I do for u
U paid me with this ????????
Ur new home will destroy inshallah
U shall not see peace,
I don’t know how to do bad thing
But I will learn and do evil thing to u,
Just wait and see.

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