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Zamfara Governor Accuses FG of Freeing Bandits| WATCH VIDEO

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Zamfara Governor Dauda Lawal slams judiciary for releasing suspected bandit leaders on orders from Abuja.


Zamfara State Governor, Dauda Lawal, has criticized the state judiciary for granting bail to suspected bandit leaders, alleging that powerful individuals in Abuja orchestrated their release.


Governor Lawal expressed his dismay during the swearing-in ceremony of new magistrates in Gusau, the state capital. He revealed that the suspected bandit leaders, who were arrested with weapons and brought before the court, were released on the orders of influential figures in Abuja. These individuals allegedly assured the suspects of their freedom soon after their arrest.


Lawal detailed that one of the suspects was apprehended in Bauchi State, while another was arrested in Gusau. Both were arraigned in court but subsequently released due to external influence.


The governor commended some judiciary members for their integrity and diligence, urging the newly appointed magistrates to perform their duties with honesty and dedication. He emphasized the importance of their role in addressing the state’s ongoing security challenges, including banditry, kidnapping, and cattle rustling.


Governor Lawal reiterated the severity of the security issues facing Zamfara and called for judicial officers to act in the collective interest of all law-abiding citizens. He stressed that the judiciary must operate with integrity to help curb the escalating criminal activities.


The Chief Judge of Zamfara State, Justice Kulu Aliyu, also urged the new magistrates to uphold honesty and dedication, noting that the public is closely watching their actions.


Recently, Governor Lawal has repeatedly highlighted the insecurity plaguing Zamfara, attributing it to negotiations conducted by prominent Abuja residents with the bandits. He claimed that these individuals are negotiating without his knowledge, exacerbating the state’s security problems. WATCH VIDEO ATTACHED FROM OUR FACEBOOK PAGE BELOW:

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