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9 Things you will not see in Abia State

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9 Things you will not see in Abia state

Abia State is a state in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria, it is bordered to the northwest by Anambra State and northeast by the states of Enugu, and Ebonyi, Imo State to the west, Cross River State to the east, Akwa Ibom State to the southeast, and Rivers State to the south.

In Abia State, Nigeria, you’re unlikely to see certain things due to cultural, geographical, or economic factors.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Infrastructure is lacking in Abia State. It is a fast growing state in Nigeria. But, you will not see an airport or an international standard stadium.

  2. Snow is rare in Abia State. It’s in the warm, tropical region of Nigeria.

  3. Abia is flat. It lacks the towering peaks seen in other regions. The landscape is characterized by gentle hills and plains.

  4. Desert Landscapes: Abia State’s climate is humid and tropical. So, you won’t find the arid deserts seen in northern Nigeria.

  5. Polar bears are not native to Abia because they are located far from the polar regions.

  6. Abia has beautiful landscapes. But, it lacks ocean beaches due to its inland location.

  7. Abia State’s architecture reflects Nigerian and Igbo culture. So, you won’t find traditional Japanese architecture there.

  8. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are a natural phenomenon. They are usually seen in high-latitude regions like the Arctic. These regions are far from the equator, where Abia State is.

  9. Tundra Ecosystems: Abia State’s ecosystem is mostly savannah and tropical rainforest. You won’t find the tundra ecosystems of colder places there.

These are a few examples of things you wouldn’t typically encounter in Abia . This is due to its unique geography and culture.

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