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8 Super Reasons You Should Marry An Akwa Ibom Lady | Check No 2, 5

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8 Super Reasons You Should Marry An Akwa Ibom Lady | Check No 2, 5

Akwa Ibom, a state in the South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria, bordered on the east by Cross River State, on the west by Rivers State and Abia State, and on the south by the Atlantic Ocean is inhabited by various ethnic groups for hundreds of years, primarily the closely related Ibibio, Anaang, and Obolo – Oron peoples in the North-East, North-West, and Southern zones of the state, respectively.

Created on September 23, 1987, out of Cross River State by the then Military Administration of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, it is the 30th largest in area and fifteenth most populous state in Nigeria with an estimated population of over six million in 2018, projected to rise to 7.3 million in 2025, 10.7 million in 2030, and, if not checked, “would double itself in 2039”.

Blessed with several natural resources, the state no doubt consists of one of the most beautiful and endowed women in the country.


Mr and Mrs Thompson Nsisongabasi


These are reasons why some believe Akwa Ibom women make the best wives:

1. They are indeed beautiful


With the intent to flatter, Akwa-Ibom women are beautiful, I’m sure you reading this would attest to it if you a one or more as friends or even partners.


They are an embodiment of beauty, naturally endowed in the right places. Whether light-skinned, fair, or dark in complexion; you will see the true radiation of beauty when you meet an Akwa Ibom woman.

They are naturally blessed with good hair, and charming smiles capable of stealing the heart of any man if they wanted to.

2. They are God-fearing

You can be religious but not God-fearing. This is not the case with Akwa Ibom women. If you are fortunate to date or even marry one, you would have secured your peace of mind and saved yourself the stress of having to look for a partner which such quality which isn’t easily found. This characteristic makes them respectable and are in turn respectful to their partners and everyone else deserving of respect.

3. They are extremely hospitable

4. They are exceptional cooks

Many people have the belief that their mother’s food is the sweetest but wait until you have eaten a dish prepared by an Akwa-Ibom woman and that narrative would certainly change because of their innate culinary skills.

Seeing food, especially good food is the way to a man’s heart, trust the Akwa-Ibom woman to always score a high point in this aspect because they have mastered the art of making a man’s taste buds ‘water’.

With delicacies like Edikang akong, afang, afia efere, ekpang nkukwo, otong, abak, atama and so many more, you are guaranteed not just to eat delicious meals but healthy and well-cooked meals by an Akwa-Ibom woman.

5. They are effortlessly neat and well-cultured

One obvious characteristic of an Akwa-Ibom woman is their habit to keep themselves neat without breaking a sweat. Just like some people would say, it is their ‘default setting’ to be neat.

And who wouldn’t want such a person as a wife as you would be assured of the cleanliness and orderliness of the home, the kids, and even yourself because she would never want to see her man or hubby looking shabby or untidy.

6. They are hard-working

They are not the ones to sit idly and wait for manna to fall from heaven for them. So when you marry one, you are certainly securing for yourself an asset not a liability

7. They are romantic and awesome in bed

Yes, you read that right. Many argue practice makes perfect, well in some situations but not in this aspect as the typical Akwa-Ibom woman is innately blessed with the Midas touch in the ‘oza room’ as they possess enormous sex appeal that keeps their partners not only glued to them but craving intimate moments at every point which are always memorably ecstatic.

8. They possess intellectual beauty

Akwa Ibom ladies love to learn and are never too proud to learn, unlearn and relearn. Aside from physical beauty, they also possess intellectual beauty which comes to the fore in tough times and every other time you both are confronted by a challenge.

It’s safe to say you are missing out on a lot if you haven’t dated an Akwa-Ibom woman and if you are currently, you should as a matter of fact hold her tightly and never let her go by ‘wifing’ her.

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