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For Standing Up to Abusive Military Lady, Ibafo DPO Throws Man, Wife, Baby in Cell

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For Standing Up to Abusive Military Lady, Ibafo DPO Throws Man, Wife, Baby in Cell

Daddierooneey, an X user, has narrated how a female military officer, with connivance from the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the Ibafo Police Station, Lagos, physically abused him and his wife and extorted them.

Explaining how the harassment started, Daddierooneey said that a female military officer was at his wife’s shop on December 22 to purchase an item but it soon turned into a bout of slaps.

He said that the military lady asked for the price of a carton but asked for only a row after the carton had been opened.

He said his wife took umbrage because she had gone through the stress of bringing the carton from the store to the woman.

“She slapped my wife three times,” he said.

When a female customer chimed in to ask why she would assault someone else because of the power of her profession, the military officer also slapped her.

“The military lady was with a male colleague who was calming her and pleading with my wife. When they left, people advised my wife to go report to the police station. Before my wife got back from the Ibafo Police Station, the lady had called for reinforcement, and they (fellow soldiers} scattered all our goods,” Daddierooneey said.

“They discovered that a boy had been recording them, so they beat him and took him away. They later released him, but I don’t know if they have released the phone now.”

Daddierooneey said that the following day, two police officers and two soldiers stormed his wife’s shop to whisk her away but met him. They asked where his wife was, and he told them she had not arrived. In her stead, the men then asked him to follow them to the Ibafo Police Station.


“On getting there, the DPO’s first statement was, ‘You and your wife are going to jail. So, I responded, ‘Sir, you are not being fair to us because my wife reported this case yesterday’. That was how he got mad at me, asking me, ‘How old are you to tell me I’m not being fair?’

“The army commander started beating me in the presence of the DPO. Some policemen wanted to stop him from beating me, but the DPO told them to stay away. There was a man among the police who insisted that the DPO should let the army take me away. My mother-in-law was there, and she was begging them.

“So, they asked me to write a statement, and I did because I wasn’t part of the case. I was taken to the cell, and I asked them to let me make some calls, but they didn’t give me my phone. I was detained with my wife and our 10-month-old baby.

He said his mother came to the station to take his baby away the day after he and his wife were detained because the baby was coughing after spending the night on the floor.


He said he insisted that he be taken to court while in custody but they kept telling him he would go to jail.

“After I was released, I realised that my mother-in-law had spent over N300,000 to secure my release. The police said the military lady’s card got lost in our shop and that she would need to go to Abuja for an affidavit to apply for another card,” he said.

On December 28, the DPO asked Daddierooneey and his wife to report to the police station, and at the entrance, the police seized their phones and asked his wife to sign an affidavit prepared by the police.

“She signed the document under duress. I went to the State Police headquarters in Eleweran on January 3 to report about the DPO. Before I got back on Wednesday, the DPO summoned my in-laws, and he kept threatening them, saying he only tried to help me and I was using it against him,” he stated.


“He told them that Omolola Odutola, the police spokesperson for the state, had gone to report to a junior officer and there was nothing I could achieve. I was told he said that since I’d chosen that route, he would use the army to get at me. Since then, I’ve been living in fear. Now my mother-in-law is afraid to talk.”

When THE PRESS called Omolola Odutola, the state’s police spokesperson, she said the commissioner was aware of the issue and the command was working on the matter.

“Nobody likes what the DPO has done. He was acting on his own volition. No one likes that he detained a woman and her daughter,” she said.



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