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‘2,000 NTI Students’ Still Waiting for Certificates Years After Graduation, Missing Out On Opportunities

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‘2,000 NTI Students’ Still Waiting for Certificates Years After Graduation, Missing Out On Opportunities

Former students of the National Teachers’ Institute (NTI), Kaduna, have narrated how the institution, affiliated with the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), refused to issue degree certificates to them.

These students, The Press learned, completed degree programmes in English, mathematics and integrated science at the school.

Some of the students told The Press that the institute, which started running degree programmes in 2015, has failed to issue certificates to at least 2,000 students.

Patrick Edun (not real name), an Oyo State resident, told the press that he studied English at the Ibadan study centre of NTI and graduated in 2018.

“I began studying English at the Ibadan study centre of NTI, Kaduna, in 2016,” he said.

“I eventually graduated in 2018. At the institute, students are expected to enrol for programmes that could see them spend three to four years before graduating.

“Since the commencement of degree programmes at the institute in 2015, however, none of the students who studied English, mathematics or integrated science have been issued certificates.

“This delay has had a significant and negative impact on our career lives, as most of us, I mean the affected students, have continued to miss out on employment opportunities, career advancement and further academic pursuits.

“I have continued to experience stagnation in my career life, as institutions have continued to reject the provisional notification of result NTI issued to me when I graduated.”


One of the notification of results Issued by NTI

Luke Adesanwo (not real name), another affected student, who completed his degree programme in mathematics at NTI’s Ota study centre, told The Press that the reason NTI’s notification of results was constantly being rejected by other institutions was its lack of some “required features”.

“As a student, I diligently followed all the required procedures set by the institute,” Adesanwo told The Press.

“I also paid all necessary fees at the appointed time and without owing a dime. Unfortunately, NTI has failed to adhere to the standard academic transcript formats used globally. The institute has also failed me as a student.


“Despite including course codes and grades, the institute omitted some crucial information on the notification of results.

“The omitted information includes course titles, course units and other vital calculations that are supposed to determine students’ final grades.

“The issued transcripts also lacked the official stamp and signature of the institute’s Kaduna campus registrar.

“Instead, they bear the stamp of NTI’s regional office in Oyo State. As a result, foreign universities and other institutions that deal with students refuse to recognise and accept it.

“Personally, I have missed out on more than seven international postgraduate admissions as a result. These events transpired because NTI, in conjunction with NOUN, has refused to issue us certificates, years after we graduated.”


Result Notifications Issued by NTI

Oluchi Giddado (not real name), an Ogun State-based NTI student, told The Press that some of her colleagues were “beginning to lose hope”.

“After endlessly waiting for their certificates to be issued to them, they have started thinking of starting all over again at other institutions,” said Giddado.

“Why has it been so difficult for NTI to provide us with our certificates?

“They keep claiming we are affiliated to NOUN, yet they have refused to give us our certificates.

“It has got really bad to the point that some of us are beginning to think that NTI Kaduna’s degree programme is a scam.

“Majority of us have not been able to move on with our lives and ambitions because of this issue.

“I believe the issue we are facing is clearly a problem that needs to be resolved by both NTI (Kaduna) and NOUN.”

Two other affected students re-echoed Giddado’s views, telling The Press that NTI and NOUN were responsible for the non-issuance of certificates to them.


Result Notifications Issued by NTI

On May 13, The Press sent emails to NTI (Kaduna) and NOUN for comments on the allegations made by the students.

A day later, a NOUN official, who did not state his or her name, responded, saying: “On your inquiry about certificate collection, please inform the students to go to NTI office for the certificate. Thank you.”


When The Press relayed the response to some of the affected students, one of them said, “Which of the NTI offices are we to visit? The same office that has continued to tell us that they are working on the certificates for years?”

NTI, on the other hand, has yet to respond to the email at press time.



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